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11 Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

11 Home Features - Zule Mesa Realtor

So you are thinking about selling your home, but not sure which upgrades will help you sell faster?  There are certain items buyers look for when shopping for homes.  The likeliness of selling your home that don’t have these items, the more of a chance the home will take awhile to get sold… and for top dollar too!

As a seller, put yourself in the position of the buyer.  What would you want in a home?  Would you want to purchase a home that does not have a designated laundry room.  Or better yet, no washer or dryer?  How about ceilings fans in the middle of the hottest day of Summer (especially in South Florida where we have humidity on top of the heat).  What about if the home doesn’t have an attic, like most mid-century flat roof homes? A garage or backyard shed will most like be where the buyers will store their extra stuff.

Below are the features buyers want most when buying homes.  Take a moment and see if your home has these features as well.  If it does, try fixing it up and making it look clean and accessible.  If it doesn’t, then invest in upgrading and adding it to help you sell faster.  If you are not sure, ask a real estate agent on their opinion.  Remember, the investment you make to improve the home, the better the return you get in selling your home.

Zule Mesa, Realtor

11 Home Features That Help You Sell Faster


Fort Lauderdale is a great city and since 2007, this city has embraced this girl from Miami with open arms. With a great mixture of events, restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, art scene & more, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect “I live where you vacation” spot. It’s centrally located from Miami and Palm Beach County which allows me to help clients in all 3 counties that make up sunny South Florida ☀️

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