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Learn How to Repair Your Credit Webinar

Let face it… you have bad credit. So bad that when someone asks you about your credit score, you rather not say and get frustrated that they even asked.  How dare they! Unfortunately, in order to finance a home (and even rent a home nowadays), the first question they ask will be your credit score.

Well, don’t feel bad because you are definately not alone. A lot of people have bad credit, but does that mean you have to have bad credit for the rest of your life? Absolutely not!

Join Karlene Masse and I from the comfort of your home on Saturday, March 23rd at 1 pm as we host a Free Credit Repair Webinar with special guest, John Wilkinson of Credit Solution Experts. You will learn how to maximize your credit scores and more and of course, ask questions online.

All you have to do is email your name and number to zzmesa16@gmail. You will receive the login information prior to the event and connect with us online. It’s that simple!  Hope to see you there!


Fort Lauderdale is a great city and since 2007, this city has embraced this girl from Miami with open arms. With a great mixture of events, restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, art scene & more, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect “I live where you vacation” spot. It’s centrally located from Miami and Palm Beach County which allows me to help clients in all 3 counties that make up sunny South Florida ☀️

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