The Journey Into Real Estate

How did I get into real estate you ask? Believe it or not, my journey began a lot earlier than known.

Some of you may know me and some of you may not.  For those who do know me, you know that I am a health & wellness guru who teaches dance-fitness and hosts special events.  You also may know that I’ve spent almost the last 3 years focusing on my own business and doing everything that it takes to have my passion and talents as my everyday job.  So where does real estate fit in the equation?

Well, what most people don’t know is that I purchased my first home when I was only 24 years old.  It was a condo conversion, meaning the properties were built as rental apartments and then converted to condominiums for purchase.  I had a good job working as an advocate for children in the dependency system at the time, was living with my parents and saving my money to buy my own place.  Not rent, but buy.  And I did it and was the most grown-up decision I ever made at such a young age.

Fast forward 3 years, I was now planning to move to New York and continue my college education at NYU (which I got accepted to).  I decided to sell my property so I can make the move and thank the Lord I did because I was able to sell it right before the recession hit in 2005.  The recession did affect my family in the sense that my parents had to move to another city for a better job opportunity and had trouble selling their home.  It was on the market and it wasn’t moving, so as the good-hearted daughter that I am (wink), I decided to invest the money I received from selling my condo into the house I grew up in and help my parents sell their home instead of moving to New York.  I fixed up what needed to be fixed up and did some upgrades to make the home more marketable.  6 months later in the height of the recession, my childhood home was sold.

I ended up staying behind, living from apartment to apartment in Miami and eventually Fort Lauderdale.  Let’s face it, moving from apartment to apartment every year or so is not fun.  I never felt stable like I did in my childhood home or even my first condominium.  I needed stability in my life, so I decided to set another goal for myself.  A goal that I had to work even harder for.  My goal was to purchase my own house.  Not a condo, but a house with a front yard and back yard for my dog.  At the age of 32, I reached my goal again.

While life has a funny way of taking you out of one situation and placing you in another with a whirlwind of emotions and changes, the one thing I always felt confident in was real estate.  The feeling of coming home to something that is yours, that no one can take away from you (unless you don’t pay your mortgage payments) all from owning your own home is indescribable.  And the satisfaction of being able to help my parents financially because of an investment I made (not even planning it as an investment at the time) was such a rewarding experience that I knew getting my real estate license was something I had to do to continue helping  others and feeling good about my decisions.

So that’s my story, that’s the journey into real estate.  Experience is what makes a good Realtor or anything you decide to do in your life.  And if you have a dream of owning your own property or investments for a good return, I say go for it and start making your realty dreams a reality.

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